Saturday, March 10

CQ22 Encore Day Lineup Announced

Here it is, hot off the WordPresses:

California Theatre
11:00am - Come As You Are
2:00pm - Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet
4:15pm - Sunflower Hour
6:30pm - King Curling
9:00pm - Children of the Green Dragon

Camera 12 Screen 7
Noon - Beat Down
2:30pm - Worth the Weight
5:30pm - Shorts 4: Animation Favorites
8:15pm - Shorts 7: Comedy Favorites

Camera 12 Screen 8
11:00am - Bel Borba Aqui
2:00pm - Dave
5:15pm - Forgetting the Girl
7:45pm - Identity Card

Camera 12 Screen 9
11:45am - Must Come Down
2:30pm - Old Goats
5:00pm - Shuffle
7:15pm - Invisible Strings
9:15pm - Code 2600

What do you think? Anything that deserved another screening missing from this lineup?

Friday, March 9

The Final Weekend - Final Countdown Edition

It's a bit of a tradition around these parts to leave the final session of Cinequesting in your capable hands. You've grasped the proverbial pebble and are ready to strike out on your own. Here's your theme music: 

Thursday, March 8

The Return of Tony Kaye

Tribeca: Return of a moviemaking madman - Tribeca Film Festival -

“Detachment” might be the biggest conversation piece I’ve seen so far at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. It’s a scattershot, melodramatic would-be epic set in and around a New York high school, with a tremendous cast headed by Oscar-winner Adrien Brody as a substitute teacher struggling with his own barren emotional life. (It also stars Christina Hendricks of “Mad Men,” James Caan, Marcia Gay Harden, Blythe Danner and Liu.) It’s an everything-including-the-kitchen-sink kind of movie with a Fellini level of ambition. Kaye blends animated sequences along with dreams, memories and fantasies, mini-interviews with real-life teachers, dogmatic lectures about the failings of our society, and quotations from Albert Camus and Edgar Allan Poe. Carl Lund’s screenplay hits a lot of flat notes and the acting is uneven, but ultimately I didn’t much care — I was swept along by the spectacular visual journey and the wrenching emotional experience. People will either love “Detachment” or hate it, and either way it provides powerful testimony to the unrivaled passion and undiminished craft of director Kaye, whose notoriety in the film industry is matched by his near-total invisibility to the general public.
California Theatre7:00 PMDetachment

Bully Rating Challenged by Petition with 200k Signatures

“Bully” Trailer Released By The Weinstein Company | WebProNews

The Weinstein Company has released the official trailer for their much talked about documentary Bully. The trailers release comes on the heels of the MPAA slapping an R rating on the movie, which angered many individuals.

UPDATE: It now appears as though the MPAA has no plans on changing the rating of the film, which is truly a travesty.

In an effort to battle against the MPAA rating of Bully, so the film can be shown in schools, there is a petition with over 200,000 signatures that will be hand delivered to the MPAA by 17-year old Katy Butler of Michigan, who initially started gathering the signatures.

To Watch Tonight - Thursday the Sequel

Storms, delusions and Mariachi!

Camera 12 5:00 PM Delusions of Grandeur
Camera 12 6:00 PM Stormland (Rokland)
Camera 12 6:45 PM Money and Medicine
San Jose Repertory Theatre 7:00 PM Mariachi Gringo
California Theatre 7:00 PM Detachment
Camera 12 7:00 PM Shorts Program 3: Give-and-Take
Camera 12 7:15 PM Happy New Year, Grandma! (Urte Berri On, Amona!)
Camera 12 9:15 PM Thelma
California Theatre 9:30 PM Sons of Norway (Sonner Av Norge)
Camera 12 9:30 PM Hunting Season (Av Mevsimi)
San Jose Repertory Theatre 9:45 PM Black Tulip
Camera 12 9:45 PM Shorts Program 8: Student Shorts

Wednesday, March 7

To Watch Tonight - Wendy's Day

Pictured above: an old goat on patrol.

San Jose Repertory Theatre 5:00 PM Mixed Kebab
Camera 12 5:00 PM Abendland
Camera 12 5:00 PM Small, Beautifully Moving Parts
Camera 12 6:30 PM Unfinished Spaces
California Theatre 7:00 PM Cheap Fun
Camera 12 7:00 PM Shorts Program 5: Mindbenders
Camera 12 7:15 PM La Camera Passe-Partout - A Documentary Film Legacy
San Jose Repertory Theatre 7:15 PM Forum - Making An Impact-Film As A Force For Good
Camera 12 7:15 PM Love, Wrinkle-free
Camera 12 9:00 PM The Island President
San Jose Repertory Theatre 9:30 PM Sons of Norway (Sonner Av Norge)
California Theatre 9:30 PM Touch
Camera 12 9:30 PM The Other Family (La Otra Familia)
Camera 12 9:45 PM Shorts Program 6: Whirls and Currents
Camera 12 9:45 PM How to Cheat

Tuesday, March 6

To Watch Tonight - Choose-day

Bring yr earplugs.

San Jose Repertory Theatre 4:45 PM The Bully Project
Camera 12 5:00 PM Dorfman
Camera 12 6:45 PM Theatre Svoboda (Divaldo Svoboda)
San Jose Repertory Theatre 7:00 PM The Ghastly Love of Johnny X
California Theatre 7:00 PM Let the Bullets Fly (Rang Zidan Fei)
Camera 12 7:00 PM La Camera Passe-Partout - A Documentary Film Legacy
Camera 12 7:15 PM Four Lovers
Camera 12 7:30 PM Five Hours South
Camera 12 9:15 PM Bel Borba is Here (Bel Borba Aqui)
San Jose Repertory Theatre 9:30 PM Forum - Rough Cut
Camera 12 9:30 PM Somewhere Else (Nagon Annanstans I Sverige)
California Theatre 9:45 PM Come As You Are (Hasta La Vista)
Camera 12 9:45 PM The Harsh Light of Day
Camera 12 10:00 PM Shorts Program 8: Student Shorts

Monday, March 5

Pretty Much the Definition of Everlasting Passion

JASON BECKER'S NOT DEAD YET is a well made documentary about a local musician who is diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease. With the help of his family Jason continues to make music and teaches kids to find their own passion in life.

In the first half of the film we are told how amazing and dedicated Jason was to mastering the guitar.  Growing up in Richmond kept him humble and close to his community. However he was never afraid to follow his passion, even if that meant putting on lycra pants and performing at his talent show.

Jason's diagnosis came right at the time he was working with David Lee Roth for an upcoming album and tour. The disappointment and shock from this for Jason and his family is completely devastating. Watching it happen while sitting 20 feet away from Jason and his parents was incredibly moving.

Experiences like this are what make Cinequest so worthwhile year in and year out. Seeing this film, and others playing at the festival this year, will alter how you view the world around you.

JASON BECKER: NOT DEAD YET 3/5/2012 9:00 PM Camera 12

Tickets available at the Boxoffice
JASON BECKER: NOT DEAD YET 3/9/2012 2:45 PM Camera 12

To Watch Tonight - Bloomin' Monday

Well hello there, Mister Symmetrical Face.

Camera 12 5:00 PM The Other Family (La Otra Familia)
Camera 12 5:00 PM Children of the Green Dragon (A Zöld Sárkány Gyermekei)
Camera 12 5:15 PM Past Summer
Camera 12 6:45 PM Almost in Love
California Theatre 7:00 PM The Good Doctor
San Jose Repertory Theatre 7:00 PM Code 2600
Camera 12 7:15 PM The Island President
Camera 12 7:15 PM Percival's Big Night
Camera 12 7:30 PM Shorts Program 6: Whirls and Currents
Camera 12 9:00 PM Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet
San Jose Repertory Theatre 9:30 PM Battle of the Queens (Kampf Der Koniginnen)
California Theatre 9:30 PM The King (Ko)
Camera 12 9:30 PM Portrait of a Zombie
Camera 12 9:30 PM Must Come Down
Camera 12 10:00 PM Shorts Program 5: Mindbenders

Sunday, March 4

Laughs with No Strings Attached

SUNFLOWER HOUR isn't afraid to work "blue", but it's more of a periwinkle AVENUE Q than a dark azure MEET THE FEEBLES. Did you understand any of the previous sentence? If the answer is yes you're going to like this movie.

You're in all likelihood also a weirdo.

The story focuses on four also weirdos who are masters at the craft of puppeteering but novices at the crafts of employment and social skills. They are all auditioning for a role on the made up but probably soon to be real kid's show The Sunflower Hour.

First there is Leslie, the evangelical closet dweller. Next is David who has a case of younger sibling syndrome and a basement full of puppets that redefine the word creepy. Spawn of Satan (not her real name) is the only trying out because her overly touchy-feely male mentor oh man I'm getting goosebumps just writing about this. Finally we come to Shamus who is more puppet than man. Or maybe a puppet with a man sticking out his...

You know what I'm just going to move along.

These are people following their dreams, however atypical they may be. With a minimum of budget and an excellent cast this movie is very entertaining. Writer/Director Aaron Houston creates a world of maladjusted oddballs who you can't help but cheer for. Along the way he's done a rare thing: making me laugh hysterically while simultaneously creeping me out.

Basement puppets will be in my nightmares for a long time to come.

SUNFLOWER HOUR 3/4/2012 9:15 PM Camera 12
Tickets available at the Boxoffice
SUNFLOWER HOUR 3/8/2012 11:30 AM Camera 12